Sport Taekwondo Booster Club
                                        Mission Statement:
The Sport Taekwondo Booster Club, Inc. is a group of parents that are supporting their children in the
Sport Taekwondo Center Associates. The program is an Olympic style martial art geared towards
helping children improve themselves physically and mentally while teaching them discipline and
self-confidence. We as parents have stated this booster club to help raise money for our Taekwondo
Vice President
                        Level of Membership              
$50 annual fee
Participate in 2 fund raisers per year
Annual Activities and Events
  • Summer party
  • Christmas party
  • FUND raisers
  • Host local tournament
  • Used equipment resale
For information about donating or purchasing used
equipment see the Booster Club President (912)
Donation to the booster club:
The following are members of the booster club:
Join the Booster Club, USA Taekwondo Association, Sport Taewkondo Center Associates or Renew Your Membership

Being a member of the Booster Club, USA Taekwondo Association, and STCA allows you to receive money-saving discounts. If you are
member of the following club or organization you will get several discounts.

Booster Club save $0.00 off on your next test.
(Two time per year test)
USAT save $ 0.00 off on your next test. (One time per year)
STCA save $00.00 off on your next test. (All test)
Place first, second, or third at the National Championship  (Not the National Qualifier) save $10.00 off on your next test. (One Time per year)

                     To get this discount you must be a member before the date of the test and must be renewed every year.
                                                                          Non-members will pay full amount.
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Maria Ried
Rafael Lopez