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Taekwondo may compare with a rose, because its doctrines are so beautiful like a flower, its purpose
as rich as its fragrance and its teaching as dangerous as the thorn that protects it.
One Team, One Fight!!
By Carolyn R. Carney
July 21, 2003

As individuals, we believe that anything can be achieved. However,
not everything can be achieved alone. Family, friends, teammates,
and coaches are all sources of help and guidance. Without these
sources, it would be impossible to win every fight and overcome
every struggle. Instead of being confined to Taekwondo - or even
athletics in general, “one team, one fight" should be applied to
ordinary, everyday situations. It is a saying that should be especially
remembered during the worst of moments, when a team is needed
most. On the other hand, the corresponding symbol more lucidly
represents the martial arts. Together, the symbol and motto most
strongly uphold the antiquated ideas of teamwork and unity, which
are both important aspects of life.

There are moments during human existence that require the
assistance of another. Maybe a pass needs to be thrown to an
available teammate, or perhaps advice is requested on various
subjects. Whatever the case, there is one similarity: teamwork. For
example, it takes a team of nine to win a baseball game, just as it
takes a team of qualified doctors to perform open-heart surgery.
Likewise, it takes an entire pride of lions to capture and kill their
prey, and a whole team of astronauts to explore the worlds outside
of Earth's atmosphere. Similarly, a team of instructors, friends, and
family is a necessity in Taekwondo to help students through
endeavors abound.

Although Taekwondo is not exactly a team sport more than one
person is involved in a single sparring match, or even a tournament.
An experienced teacher can steadily improve any student’s
technique and form. Emotions which run high especially during
tournament time can be nurtured by friends or family. Fellow
classmates can also provide their own words of encouragement.

Despite an array of differences, the spirit of Taekwondo is always
able to join diverse people into one common bond. As a group, they
are each able to work towards personal goals and hopefully
accomplish them: (e.g.) victory, physical/emotional improvement...
Believe it or not, more can be attained through teamwork than
individually. However, a team consists of individuals, each with
his/her own strengths and weaknesses. These characteristics are
augmented during a tournament, where competitors from across
the globe compete for gold and glory.

The symbol more fully represents this competitive aspect of
Taekwondo. It shows that the meaning of victory/defeat lies between
two fighters. Even though the competitors may not know each other
and come from contrasting areas of the world, they still meet for the
sake of competition. Despite the fierce violence of a sparring match,
tournaments are approached in a controlled, peaceful manner.
Also, the tenets of Taekwondo (especially self-control;") are greatly
exhibited; sportsmanship is a must-have. Nonetheless, it took a
team to get that student into the ring in the first place. It takes a team
to make a champion. One team, one fight.
It takes a village to raise a child. Without aid or support, everyone
would be homeless... "One team, one fight" should spread from
Taekwondo and be considered a part of daily routines. Although its
counterpart- the symbol- is more dedicated to Taekwondo, it should
be equally respected. After all, competition is what fuels all sports.
In conclusion, the impossible is foolish to attempt alone because a
team can accomplish the impossible.
The Sport Taekwondo Center Associates (STCA) is
development and progression of Taekwondo both as
an art and a sport. The STCA provides professional
guidance in setting up, managing national standards of
practice, competition, training and accreditation for
both individual and school members. We are an active
member of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF),
Kukkiwon, USA Taekwondo, and Amateur Athletic
Union's (AAU).

STCA will offer the the highest quality martial arts
instructions available anywhere in the world. We will
develop an Olympic caliber-training program with
instruction in techniques and state of art technical skills.
We will attract, develop, and retain national level
competitors by emphasizing in participation with state,
local, and national tournaments, by learning, practicing
and teaching Taekwondo and the martial arts.

Teakwondo coaches will be selected to maximize the
diversity of their techniques in teaching and the
community skills. We will continually educate our
coaches so they may grow personally and
professionally as a team.    
Sport Taekwondo Center is the Hinesville
chapter of the USA Taekwondo and AAU.
Our goal is to make it possible for all athletes
to go as far as possible. We will compete in
state, national and Olympic competitions. We
will inspire each and every member to achieve
the highest level of Black belt.. We will also
encourage all athletes to become member of
the USA Taekwondo and AAU.
Sport Taekwondo Center Associates
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