Dojan Rules
Basic Rules and Regulations to follows       

1. Bow to the flags and your instructor when entering and leaving the school (Do-Jang).  This is to show
courtesy and respect.
2. Do not enter or leave class without permission from your instructor.

3. Students should bow before speaking to the instructor and use words of consideration such as "yes, sir",
"no, sir" and "excuse me, sir".

4. Avoid bringing valuables to class.  Remove all jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches,
etc.) prior to engaging in training.

5. Observe a high degree of personal hygiene. Toenails and fingernails should be kept neatly trimmed.

6. No eating or drinking is allowed inside the school (except for water in the dressing or viewing areas).

7. No one is allowed to use any equipment without permission.

8. Sparring gear is mandatory for all ages. Athletics must use protective gear (head gear, chest protector,
groin protector, shin instep guard, forearm guard, and mouth piece) to engage in free sparing. The only
target permitted in free sparing is the area covered by the chest protector.

9. Athletics must understand that only light contact is allowed to the head area only when proper head gear
is used and only when the free sparing exercise is supervised by Sabeon-Nim (Master Medina)

10. All students are expected to be courteous and understanding. Advanced students are expected to set a
good example to new students and to assist such students whenever necessary

11. Loud conversation, improper language, chewing gum in class or “horse play” has no place in a Taekwondo
school. . Profanity, loss of temper, horseplay, loud laughing or talking, and disrespect towards
instructors and black belts will not be tolerated.

12. Your uniform should be clean and pressed at all times.

13. Any substitute teacher should be treated as your regular instructor

14. No jewelry should be worn during class except for a wed
the school.

16. Participation in any otes that might degrade the code of Taekwondo ethics or the reputation of
the school.

16. Participation in any other school, except your own, should be with your instructor's consent.

17. Females are required to wear white t-shirts under their uniform at all times. Males should only wear
their uniform tops with no t-shirt.
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